If you've been thinking about purchasing real estate in the city of Toronto but have come to find that most of the Toronto real estate price tags, especially the ones found on downtown, are too high for your liking then it's time to consider real estate properties outside of the downtown Toronto core. One area of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that you should consider where real estate prices are more affordable is Etobicoke.

There are plenty of homes for sale available in the Etobicoke market that will give you the opportunity to live in the GTA but do so at a more reasonable price. You don't have to go broke purchasing real estate but that can easily happen to prospective homeowners that buy a home or condo in Toronto because of how expensive those properties can be.

Such a problem doesn't exist when it comes to the Etobicoke real estate market, which is why you should look into the available homes for sale there rather that a pricier part of Toronto like downtown Toronto. While saving yourself a lot of money by purchasing an house for sale is a big enough motivational factor there is another added bonus that comes with buying real estate in Etobicoke.

The second best part about owning more affordable real estate in the GTA is that a location like Etobicoke is so close to all the big city amenities that can be found in the heart of Toronto. There's a lot that downtown Toronto has to offer like top of the line grocery stores, movie theatres, restaurants, Laundromats, and entertainment options, but all of that can still be accessed by Etobicoke residents.

The distance between Etobicoke and downtown Toronto is about 15-20 KM, depending on where you live in Etobicoke, and that equates to about a 15-20 minute drive. We're not sure about you but we think that saving anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars by buying Etobicoke real estate instead of downtown Toronto real estate is worth it; especially when the commute between the two areas is so short.

If you're starting to come around to the thought of owning a home in Etobicoke then you should look into contacting a real estate agent familiar with the area. Try finding an Etobicoke agent by using Angieslist.com.

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