Most people assume that if they want to build a deck on their house, they'll have to build it with wood and work hard to make sure it doesn't stain, rot, or give splinters to your guests. If you want a deck but you don't want the headaches that come with wood, why not look into composites? There are pros and cons to using composite decking materials on your decking project.

Composite decking was the first type of synthetic decking to become available. It achieves a wood look by incorporating wood (in the form of sawdust) with plastic and adhesives to hold it all together, not unlike the composition of premade furniture. For those who are concerned about the environment, many companies use recycled plastic and adhesives that do not leech toxins. Several companies make companies make composite decking, including Trex, Timbertech, Reliaboard, and EverGrain Composite Decking.

The advantage to this type of decking is that it's cheaper than other types of synthetic decking, which includes PVC. It's also more durable than wood and is lower maintenance, meaning you won't have to stain your deck repeatedly to protect it from bad weather. You can also incorporate several colors and patterns into your decking project for an expensive look without expense. Composite decking also doesn't splinter, which means it's a safer surface for kids and pets to play on.

There are many disadvantages to using composite decking, however. It's more expensive than wood and composite tends to scratch and stain more easily than the newer types of synthetic decking. It's also impossible to change the color by sanding and refinishing. Over time, composite decking will deteriorate, but not like real wood. Instead of rotting, you will see cracking and splitting as the composite dries out.

A deck built with composite materials

For more information about bumpers, guardrails and protectors as well as other safety measures to implement while your deck or pool is being built, talk to knowledgeable staff by clicking the link above.

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